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Welcome to anDREa BV, a dynamic SMB that is committed to delivering innovative solutions to bridge the gap between security, procurement, IT professionals, and researchers. Our team of dedicated professionals operates under the core values of Trust, Unburdening and Empowering, and we are here to help you achieve your goals.

At anDREa BV, our mission is to provide a trusted and scalable Digital Research Environment (DRE) solution. We engage with CISOs, DPOs, IT, and Procurement professionals to ensure that our solution meets their exacting standards for data security and processing. With our seal of approval, you can be confident that the data in myDRE is stored and processed in a trusted environment, giving you peace of mind as you work with your data.

Our goal is to empower researchers to work seamlessly while unburdening everybody. We believe that our innovative solutions can help bridge the gap between security, procurement, IT professionals, and researchers, and we are committed to delivering the highest level of data security and unburdening to all our clients.

Thank you for considering anDREa BV for your digital research needs. We look forward to working with you to achieve your goals and deliver innovative solutions that meet your exacting standards.


NFU - Surfing the Data Wave

Clear policy and high-quality research data infrastructure is required for collecting, storing, processing, sharing, and archiving and complying with relevant regulations regarding privacy protection and patient safety in human research.

To remain at the forefront of research, it is necessary to work on a high-quality research data infrastructure, in close coordination with the existing initiatives in this area without being dependent on subsidies.


RSRCH Platform

RSRCH BV wins the Radboudumc tender for building a Digital Research Environment (DRE)


Reality drives the direction

Private cloud and analytics platform is found too limited/restrictive


anDREa is formed

Microsoft Azure based DRE; myDRE
Single tenant focused on enabling users


anDREa Consortium

UMC Utrecht, Erasmus MC, and Radboudumc join forces


Shared Tenant model

Unburdening the organization in its duty-of-care, security, privacy, IT


anDREa b.v.

Ongoing improvement and ability to deploy:

Why was myDRE created

Researchers conduct research… and this is a problem because central IT cannot meet their needs.

The increasing demands due to GDPR, security challenges, cost control, and duty-of-care contribute to the complexity and red tape.

With myDRE, this becomes much simpler.

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