Azure DRE

Azure DRE is a digital environment where a researcher has access to and works with all their own data, analytics, and tooling.

The Azure DRE environment:

  • Secure
  • Self-serviced
  • Capable of real-time collaboration
  • Provides data and process audit trails
  • Auditable: compliant with all laws & regulations.

What does it do?

Azure DRE provides functionality for both researchers and organizations

DRE in 2.34 minutes

DRE in 2.34 minutes

What is it not?

Azure DRE is for storing, analyzing and sharing data

It is not a data collection tool Data is collected in tools and sources outside the Azure DRE, e.g. EMR and EDC tools. At any time during the collection phase, the data can be uploaded, manually or automatically, to the workspace and stored.
It is not a full protection mechanism against mistakes While Azure DRE has been built with security and privacy by-design, the person handling the data still needs to comply with regulations. The audit trails and approval flows help create transparency and reproducibility.
It is not the complete answer to FAIR Azure DRE provides Findability (through the Meta Data Catalogue) and Accessibility (through archiving and workflow). However, Interoperability and Reusability need to be realized prior to the data collection phase by researchers themselves.

Why use it

Azure DRE puts organizations and researchers in control

With Azure DRE you can organize your research in the Cloud and obtain:

Transparancy, reproducibility, traceability and controlled access to data
Compliance (privacy & security)
Cost control
Integration with local ICT environment and processes
Management information
Broad solution for facilitating research: from small and simple studies, to HPC and machine learning
High-quality research data management
Results with impact

Who is it for?

Azure DRE is for organizations and researchers

Azure DRE is the solution to any situation where data is stored, analyzed and/or shared, and where good data practice, cost effectiveness, IP protection and compliance are required.

Any domain: healthcare, natural and social sciences, government bodies, national and international registries, etc.
Small and large organizations with any number of researchers
Researchers involved in national and international collaborations
Small, large, simple or complex studies
Researchers needing any analytical tools: off-the-shelf, or create your own algorithms


  • Is my data visible for others when I use Azure DRE?
    That is an absolute NO (pen tested)!
    Azure DRE is not a datalake construction, but a ‘security and privacy by design’ infrastructure of individual workspaces. Each workspace is private and its owner fully controls access to their own data and analytics.
  • Can we use data from other of our sources in the Azure DRE?
    Yes you can!
    There are a various ways of getting data into Azure DRE: manual upload from your own PC, or from a repository or database. The latter requires setting up a provisioning pipeline. At Radboudumc, the EMR data from the Epic data warehouse (Caboodle) is queried by users and a subset is sent automatically to the requester’s workspace. All under audit trail.
  • Research in my institute is very diverse, is the Azure DRE suitable for that?
    Probably yes.
    Azure DRE is suitable for a wide variety of data and types of analysis and tools. If it does not yet fit your domain completely , we will work out the possibilities with you.
  • Research in my institute is highly sensitive. The IP on all data and results must be protected. Can we use Azure DRE?
    Azure DRE has been designed specifically for data and IP protection. You can minimize or completely eliminate access to your workspace by others.
    All workspaces are fully secure and private entities, without any visibility from other workspaces within your Azure DRE domain or outside of it.
  • What does Azure DRE cost?
    Azure DRE is available under a non-commercial and a commercial licence.
    Please contact us for details.
    From mid-2020, it will also become available as a pay-per-workspace SaaS solution.
    More information to follow.
  • How do I know which option to choose for getting access to the Azure DRE?
    This depends on a number of factors. We can help you make the choice. The rule of thumb is that if you need more than 200 workspaces, you should become a member of the anDREa community and have your own deployment of Azure DRE on your tenant.
  • My institute has special requirements, what should we do?
    Please contact us to see how we can work out a solution.
    Azure DRE aims to be universally applicable, so we are willing to develop additional features to accommodate different types of requirements.
  • What are the benefits of joining the anDREa community as a member?
    As a member of anDREa you become part of a community that is contributing to the continuous development of Azure DRE. You will get onboarding services and an optional maintenance service at a highly competitive rate. As a community, we aim to further improve the product, as well as realize cost reduction through economy of scale.
    Plus, you get to be part of an exciting adventure of moving the Azure DRE to the next level!