About anDREa

anDREa B.V. is a collaboration between the university hospitals Radboudumc Nijmegen, Erasmus MC Rotterdam and UMC Utrecht.

anDREa B.V. owns, develops, distributes and promotes Azure DRE.

anDREa at three medical universities

this is an excerpt of a Microsoft Industry Circle event

Goals of anDREa:

Facilitating the adoption and retention of all products and services that anDREa offers, among all users of all members of anDREa B.V.
Promoting the concept of Digital Research Environment and the Azure DRE product
Making Azure DRE accessible to members of the anDREa community
Ensuring the services and products of anDREa remain affordable and cost effective

How is it governed?

Is high-quality research data management with impactful results your goal? Azure DRE was designed to give you precisely the tools you need.

Elo Bosma - Managing Director anDREa


DRE in 2.34 minutes

DRE in 2.34 minutes